Ukraine – The Everlasting Present | RT Documentary

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Ukraine – The Everlasting Present is an account of three decades of independence in Ukraine told to an American filmmaker by former Ukrainian officials. Very often, their views collide and show opposite opinions on the same subject.

Ukraine – The Everlasting Present | RT Documentary

The story is built around former Ukrainian presidents and their close circles. They dealt with independence their way, as short periods of stability were overtaken by long periods of stagnation.

One of the most controversial presidents was Leonid Kuchma, whose years saw both ups and downs in the Ukrainian economy. Under Kuchma, Ukraine lost its aircraft and shipbuilding industry and the bulk of the Black Sea fleet. Budget workers weren't paid for up to six months, and the country was on the verge of an economic catastrophe.

This was when the Kuchma government received consultation from the American experts on de-monopolisation, customs and finance. As a result, the country started privatisation, small businesses began to open, and the entire landscape of the city changed. But this all came with a price. Kuchma's term in office laid the foundation for oligarchy in the course of mass privatisation.

What other turns did Ukraine take over three decades of independence?

00:00 – Intro

00:02 – The second largest Soviet Republic, Ukraine, today declared its independence

05:00 – At that time Kravchuk was the Secretary of the Central Committee

10:43 – The overwhelming number of enterprises had a strong connection with

17:56 – Why did you turn the Act of Independence into praise for Yeltsin?

23:55 – The Antonov plant in Kiev produced the world's largest cargo planes

28:31 – “Group 239” united the left sector

42:13 – Under President Kuchma Ukraine knew a period of economic growth

47:31 – Kuchma was a supporter of the system of power created in Ukraine centuries ago

53:01 – Lazarekno and Timoshenko were engaged in the supply of gas to industrial enterprises

59:00 – It was necessary to decide who would be president after Kuchma

01:02:12 – Basically, the Ukrainian president had already been selected in the United States

01:06:41 – Yushchenko was distinguished by an openly pro-Western orientation

01:10:29 – The main goal for the United States is to remove Ukraine from the influence of

01:19:21 – Ukraine is considered one of the most corrupt countries in the world

01:31:32 -Armed forces officers have received training either in Britain or in the United States

01:35:30 – Ukrainian citizens do not associate their childrenís future with Ukraine

01:43:23 – The Ukrainian government was never independent itself

Source: Ukraine – The Everlasting Present | RT Documentary


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