The Internecine Project

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A retired agent devises a cunning plan to eliminate those who know too much about his past.

The Internecine Project is a 1974 British thriller film written by Mort W. Elkind, Barry Levinson, and Jonathan Lynn, directed by Ken Hughes and starring James Coburn and Lee Grant.

Set in London in the early 1970s, it tells the story of former secret agent Robert Elliot who is being promoted to a government advisor. To eliminate any ties to his past, Elliot devises and carries out a clever plan in which his four former associates will unwittingly kill each other on the same night.

Elliot’s four associates are:

  • Alex Hellman: A civil servant who has fed Elliot government information.
  • Bert: A masseur who has also given Elliot information from his industrialist clients
  • Christina: A high-class prostitute who has given Elliot information from her clients.
  • David Baker: A research scientist who appears to have benefited from Elliot’s fund in producing a weapon which uses sound to kill.

The intricate plot is one that keeps you guessing.


Source: The Internecine Project (1974)

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