The Internecine Project

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A retired agent devises a cunning plan to eliminate those who know too much about his past.

is a British thriller film written by Mort W. Elkind, Barry Levinson, and Jonathan Lynn, directed by Ken Hughes and starring and .

Set in London in the early 1970s, it tells the story of former secret agent Robert Elliot who is being promoted to a government advisor. To eliminate any ties to his past, Elliot devises and carries out a clever plan in which his four former associates will unwittingly kill each other on the same night.

Elliot’s four associates are:

  • Alex Hellman: A civil servant who has fed Elliot government information.
  • Bert: A masseur who has also given Elliot information from his industrialist clients
  • Christina: A high-class prostitute who has given Elliot information from her clients.
  • David Baker: A research scientist who appears to have benefited from Elliot’s fund in producing a weapon which uses sound to kill.

The intricate plot is one that keeps you guessing.


Source: The Internecine Project (1974)

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