The Prisoner – 07 (Many Happy Returns)

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Number Six wakes up to find the Village totally deserted.
The camera used by Number Six when taking photos of the deserted Village is a Canon Dial 35 half-frame format 35mm camera. The maker's name was masked out with black tape.
The boat the gun runners use is the same one used for SS Polotska scenes in : Checkmate (1967).
Patrick Cargill, who plays Thorpe, later appears as Number Two in : Hammer Into Anvil (1967). It is left ambiguous as to whether or not it is the same character.
The first character to utter a line of dialogue speaks at 15 minutes 25 seconds. Number Six doesn't speak until 22:50.
The lighthouse and beach are at Beachy Head, which also features in : The Girl Who Was Death (1968).
This episode is the second (in standard screening order) of three in which contacts his former employers, and the latter of just two in which his ex-boss is called “The Colonel.” In the end titles' cast credits for the first, “The Chimes of Big Ben”, but not within the episode itself, the character is identified as “Colonel J,” the letter being the initial of “James.”
The jet aircraft that Number Six uses to search for the village is a Gloster Meteor.
When Number 6 asks Mrs Butterworth ‘What's the date?' She replies Saturday March 18th, to which he replies ‘Tomorrow is my birthday' March 19th is actually Patrick McGoohan's real birthday.


Source: The Prisoner 07 Many Happy Returns


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