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Prescient Protocols

THE – An Abridged Reading – 9 Dec 2023 | JACK'D

Despite being attacked as an antisemitic forgery, The appear to be notes for, or from, a series of 24 lectures delivered at meetings of high-level jewish . What is striking about the protocols is not the authorship but the incredible predictive power.

The speaker appears to be a highly intelligent, analytically minded individual, with a strong sense of his own superiority and a distinctly pompous manner. The tone of lectures is calm and measured, there is never a hint of passion in what the speaker has to say, his purpose is merely to explain the details of a group of insiders who are onboard with its objectives.

Meeting Minutes

The document purports to be the minutes of meetings held at Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, where Jews and Freemasons were said to have made plans to disrupt Christian civilisation and erect a new order. The document includes plans to subvert the morals of the non-Jewish world, control the world's economies, and destroy civilisation. It consists of 24 “meetings” during which the speaker explains how to turn non-Jews into slaves and how to take hold of various world institutions. The text contains a critique of , an analysis of methods that can be used to gain control of the world, and a description of the universal State to come.

Despite these claims, the Protocols have been attacked as a hoax, with their spurious character first revealed in 1921 by Philip Graves of The Times (London), who demonstrated their resemblance to a satire on Napoleon III by the French lawyer Maurice Joly, published in 1864. The Protocols is said to be entirely a work of fiction, intentionally written to incite hatred of Jews and of .

The Protocols

Here is a list of the 24 “protocols” from the so-called fabricated document, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”:

  1. Destroy the existing social and political order.
  2. Disrupt Christian civilisation and erect a based on Jewish interests.
  3. Use and as means of subverting Christendom.
  4. If subversion fails, sabotage all European capitals.
  5. Control the press and use it to spread Jewish .
  6. Infiltrate and control the public education system.
  7. Use the theater, motion pictures, and radio to disseminate Jewish ideology.
  8. Establish international Jewish organizations to promote Jewish interests.
  9. Use the power of the purse to control politicians and governments.
  10. Encourage Jewish to and establish a Jewish state.
  11. Promote the interests of the Jewish people through secret intrigue and .
  12. Use the cover of philanthropy and humanitarianism to conceal Jewish intentions.
  13. Establish a world government with Jewish interests in mind.
  14. Use to create a favorable environment for Jewish interests.
  15. Infiltrate the highest levels of government and use them to promote Jewish goals.
  16. Control the legal and judicial systems to protect Jewish interests.
  17. Use to turn non-Jews into slaves of Jewish interests.
  18. Establish a system of Jewish privileges and exemptions.
  19. Control the financial system to enrich Jewish people.
  20. Infiltrate the military and use it to protect Jewish interests.
  21. Control the media and use it to spread Jewish .
  22. Infiltrate the scientific community and use science to promote Jewish interests.
  23. Control the legal and judicial systems to protect Jewish interests.
  24. Use to create a favorable environment for Jewish interests.

Please note that this list is not an endorsement of the document's content, but rather a record of its existence and the nature of its proposals.

What are we to make of a document that is considered a forgery or a “hoax” but has clear parallels with what we see happening in the world? It is possible that the author may have used the guise of fiction to convey a message or prediction that they could not express openly. Ultimately, the authenticity of a work that is called “fiction” to subvert its contents may never be fully determined. However, such works can still provide valuable insights into the author's vision and the societal concerns of their time.

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Source: THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION – An Abridged Reading


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