Swilliamism AKA Samual William

Coincidence Theory: X Marks The Spot | Sam William

There seems to be something esoteric about the way we are managed.

Strange New Symbol At Speaker’s Corner | Sam William

A message from the birth of British democracy.

Bilderberg 2013: Visiting The Grove | Sam William

Fun, Frolics and Police Harassment. Sam takes a stroll through the grounds of The Grove Hotel in Watford a week before the Bilderberg meeting in 2013.

BBC Broadcasting House: A Paedophilic, Nasty, Sexualised Statue | Sam William

In 'The Tempest' Prospero says that crimes should be pardoned. Can we ever do that for the BBC? Well, removing that statue would be the initial step.

Measuring the Police State | Sam William

Do they get more aggressive when they are multiplying?

What You Don’t Know About 5G | Sam William

Sam describes the surveillance and mapping capabilities of the 5G network.

The Rule Makers Are The Rule Breakers | Sam William

The Rules of the Rules-Based International Order.

Occult Symbols in London | Sam William

It's amazing what's hidden within the architecture of London.

Who on Earth Does Grant Shapps Think He Is? | Sam William

Clown? Nutjob? Multiple personality disorders... who the fuck is Grant Shapps?

New Additions to The Illuminati Theme Park | Sam William

Form a circle and dance in acceptant obedience to your grand decision-making overlords.

Mysterious Boys In Blue | Sam William

A trip down a small blue rabbit hole.

London Blackmailed by New Age Death Cult | Sam William

Extinction Rebellion appeared in late 2018, as if by magic, out of thin air, fully formed and ready to go with huge funding and a massive marketing push. Some people still imagine this is a ‘grassroots’ organisation.