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Listen to “GVP #212 – Alistair Williams – The Cancellation of Comedy” on Spreaker.

The System of The Beast

GVP #212 – – The Cancellation of

The scene has long been subject to the same controlling factors as the business.

Both have been defanged and neutered, and only those artists deemed “safe” who tow the official line on everything are allowed to break through to mainstream prominence. Anyone not playing ball with Organised Society “woke” agendas, is censored, banned, de-platformed and banished into obscurity.

“This culture we're being fed is pure satanic poison.”

Here to shed some further light on this dynamic is ‘awake' – and cancelled – stand-up comedian Alistair Williams.

Source: GVP #212 – Alistair Williams – The Cancellation of Comedy | Spreaker


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