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Filmed in the summer of 2015, ’s ‘For a Better Day’ video tackles the issues of child slavery and child sex trafficking. Less than three years, would be dead at the age of 28.

The video is split into three time streams, dealing with child sexual slavery. The video begins with a chauffeured car arriving at a secluded rural location. There, a truck containing black-market goods that are being sold to a half-dozen waiting buyers. Inside the car, a man wearing an expensive suit and wristwatch lights a cigar. His face, and the goods in question, are not seen.

“The promise of a better life often traps families and children into being used as tools for some of the most despicable people on earth. It’s an issue about which I hope to start a louder discussion, especially now with the huge number of families on the move from war torn countries looking for safety and shelter.”

A second time stream is in black and white, depicts a boy and a girl being chased through a field of dead sunflowers being chased by someone in tactical gear. They come out of the field near a cliff, and jump into the sea below.

The third time stream follows two individuals in skull-masks on a murder-spree targeting the men who purchased from the truck. They brand some of their victims, while permitting others to kill themselves. In each case, the face of the newly deceased is X’d out on a rogues’ gallery containing dozens of mugshots.

The third time stream finishes as the two masked individuals make their way through a raucous political demonstration demanding freedom before a government building. Their target is an apparently a powerful political figure immune to the will of the people. His watch and cigar identify him as the man in the m. The duo break in, strip him, brand him, and hang him from the roof by noose—but not before unmasking to reveal themselves as an adult man and woman, whom he recognizes as two abused children in his past.

The first time stream is then replayed with dialog audio instead of . The “goods” being sold from the truck were children. A boy and a girl are stuffed into the truck of the political leader’s car. (The meaning of the other time streams is then apparent: they had escaped, and returned as adults for revenge.)

In the concluding scene, the branded word is shown to be “pedofilia”.

Source: Avicii – For A Better Day – YouTube


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