BREAKING: We’re all dead! Everyone’s dead! This is the News | Alistair Williams

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Comedian, , lays out the Coronavirus craziness in his own inimitable style. This free thinking, risk taking, doesn't give a fuck funny man, definitely goes where others fear to tread.

Enjoy the Madness | The_Void

 As the ‘project fear' propaganda drive in the UK reaches Soviet era levels, refers to a segment on State News Radio with something they call Prof Hugh Montgomery.

In a truly extraordinary exchange, Montgomery warns,

“People who do not follow social distancing rules or wear masks “have blood on their hands.”

He told Radio 5 Live that hospitals were facing a “tsunami” of Covid cases and that he feared it would “get worse after New Year's Eve.

It seems that they are already lining up another year of despair, but unfortunately for the emperors of fake news, the and the government's fear porn tactics are no longer working, as Williams hilariously demonstrates.

Stay tuned for Alistair's next FAKE NEWS broadcast.


Source: Covid rule-breakers ‘have blood on their hands'



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