Dr. Mike Yeadon: The Eight Big Covid Lies | Corona Committee

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Intentional Premeditated Mass Murder

| Session 86: The Fog Is Lifting – 7 Jan 2022 |

(Former vice-president of respiratory research division, ), joins the to offer his incredible evidence.

The Corona Committee was formed by four lawyers. It is conducting an evidence review of the Corona crisis and actions.

“I'm really quite concerned that there is serious intent to kill a very large proportion of the population of the world.”

The Eight Big Covid Lies

The evidence of a supranational plan is the discarding of simple well established preparedness plans and replacing them with this bunch of lies – and all countries did it!

Dr. Yeadon outlines the eight big lies…

  1. is an ‘Extremely Lethal Disease
    It turns out that is not a particularly lethal virus. If it exists at all, it is about the same as a bad seasonal
  2. is Accurate
    is totally unreliable and cannot be used to diagnose anything. Even the inventor, , who won a Nobel prize for the technique, said that his PCR Test should never be used for this purpose.
  3. Are Effective
    have been studied extensively, they've never been used for filtering breath and they don't do so.
  4. Lockdowns Are Needed
    We were told that lockdowns would slow the spread of transmission of the virus. Lockdowns will not work.

  5. We were told that we could have the virus in our airways yet have no symptoms and spread the virus to others nearby. This is a flat out lie and simply not true.
  6. There Are ‘No Treatments' for
    A number of good medication treatments are available – this is the most treatable respiratory viral illness ever.
  7. Immunity is Not Possible
    Immunology 101 tells us this is not true. Previous sufferers of respiratory viruses, or variants of it, will not get clinically ill for months, possibly even years.
  8. are ‘Safe and Effective
    Lies. Lies. Lies

Learn more about the committee: https://corona-ausschuss.de/en/

Anonymous tips to the Corona Committee: https://securewhistleblower.com

Dr. Reiner Fuellmichs english Telegram channel: https://t.me/s/ReinerFuellmichEnglish

Corona Committee Donations: https://corona-ausschuss.de/en/donate/

Source: Dr. Mike Yeadon | Session 86: The Fog Is Lifting


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