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Lady Calls Funeral Homes About Covid Deaths |

If you want something done properly, do it yourself! Citizen journalism kicks-in.

Seeing the disgusting way the Coronavirus has been peddled in the corporate news media, citizens around the world are taking matters into their own hands and doing the job the corporate media has failed so badly to do.


One remarkable woman from Canada decided to stop relying on fake news from the degenerate and investigate matters for herself. The results were remarkable, as funeral home after funeral home said they'd noticed no increase in business over the last 18 months and in fact the death numbers were absolutely stable during this period.

The_Void loves this example of someone getting off their arse and doing something to help us all understand the tyranny and terror that has been perpetrated on the people of the world. We salute you.

Another great example of citizens investigating what's really happening in their communities, is the website ‘Burials & Cremations Per Council from 2015 to 2020'. Using freedom of information requests, the site's mission is to track down the number of burials and cremations per council from 2015 to 2020 and they need your help to complete the data for all UK councils.

A handful of councils have been accounted for so far and they are asking for people to submit FOI requests so that the remaining council data can be added and we can get a true picture of the actual numbers for 2020 rather than the imaginary, overinflated figures reported by the lying government and their media stenographers.

We will be keeping a close eye on the progress and updating the table as and when new information is added.


CouncilEst. Pop20152016201720182019Yearly Avg. (2015-2019)20202020 Excess over Avg.
East Lincolnshire1598212006208420722007203920422142100
North Devon District96110160716231666166915861630164616
Chesterfield Borough1049002363228624512318220023242541217
Birmingham City11490007990766283277684688077096852-857
Dacrorum Borough154280304310316304226292258-34
Bedford Borough173237N/A20432092202820442052213381
Broxbourne Borough9687630836033334730533135221
St. Albans & City District14737314112817012711313615418
City of Wolverhampton2622423400333535403611312734033358-45
Selby Town89106688183915676815
Kirklees Borough4387273720360135773559308735093772263
Walsall Metropolitan Borough2836632664253625812663254925993427828
Pickering Town977713026212619243814
Northallerton Town1683266716264666657-9
Helmsley Town151512810191012131
Richmondshire District53244868410088688561-24
Scarborough Borough108736142916441657162016041591163140
Kirkbymoorside Town3040781312810111
Norton-on-Derwent Town7387334128284635372
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough2200012305228722232207209522232555332
Total Excess2509
Est. Total pop8208378
Est. UK pop covered12%
Projected Excess for whole of UK20908

Source: ‘Burials & Cremations Per Council from 2015 to 2020'

Source: Lady Calls Funeral Homes About Covid Deaths / Hugo Talks #lockdown – Hugo Talks


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