Elana Freeland Transhumanist Killswitch Nanotech and The Eighth Sphere | Dark Journalist

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Free Humanity vs, Transhumanist Tyranny

Transhumanist Killswitch and The Eighth Sphere! |

, Daniel Liszt, goes deep in this groundbreaking interview with and Researcher, , on her Breakthrough New Book, Geoengineered .

Elana's remarkable scientific and esoteric work connects major military operations of global control and goes inside the Electromagnetic Lockdown of the Space Fence and growing web of . She shows us the rising landscape of technological control, DNA Patents and how humanity is to be neurologically directed toward a Transhumanist future unless we wake up now. influence of Ahriman and the Spiritual Science of , Anthroposophy, Mystery Schools and the Eighth Sphere are also covered!

has been a Waldorf school teacher, lecturer and writer. Her fascinating book series includes , HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth and Under an Ionized Sky: From to Space Fence Lockdown.

Source: Dark Journalist & Elana Freeland Transhumanist Killswitch Nanotech and The Eighth Sphere!


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