Transhumanism: The End Game | Laura Aboli

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: The End Game
June 2023 | Better Way Coference

outlines the end goal of those in control and how identifying it is vital if we are to make the right choices as a species. 

gave a rousing speech titled “: The End Game” at the held by the World Council for Health in June 2023. Although she does not get into the technical aspects of , she believes that one of the problems with regards to public understanding of the matter is that it encompasses such a wide range of things, from , implant , , nanotechnology, all the way to cybernetic prosthetics. Laura discusses the end goal of those in control and emphasises the importance of identifying it to make the right choices as a species and also highlights the broad scope of the field and its potential implications for .

must be at our service, not to replace us or destroy us.”

is a multidisciplinary field that aims to enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capabilities through the use of advanced technologies. It encompasses a wide range of technologies, including , implant , , nanotechnology, and cybernetic prosthetics. The movement raises ethical, social, and philosophical questions about the potential impact of these advancements on society and individuals.

Critics of raise several concerns about the movement, including ethical, social, and philosophical implications. Some of the criticisms include:

  •  Unpalatable Consequences: Critics fear the potential consequences of , such as increased social inequality and the emergence of .
  •  Overreaching Capabilities: Some critics argue that transhumanists may overreach their capabilities, leading to disastrous unintended consequences.
  •  Dominance by Uncritical Adoption of New Technologies: Critics express fear if they assess the movement as being dominated by individuals who rush headlong into uncritical adoption of new technologies and downplay uncertainties.
  •  Social Inequality and : The movement's potential to exacerbate social inequality and lead to eugenic practices is a significant concern for critics.
  •  Safety Concerns and Immoral Consequences: The debate over has focused on safety concerns and immoral consequences, such as increased social inequality, stemming from the availability of bioenhancement technologies.

Despite these criticisms, some proponents argue that has a positive and inclusive vision for ethically embracing new technological possibilities to lead lives that are better. The debate over continues to encompass a wide range of perspectives, from safety concerns to philosophical and scientific critiques.

is a prominent figure known for her work in entrepreneurship, activism, and philanthropy. She is the founder of the United Democratic International Movement for Awareness and (), an organization established in May 2020 to inspire and assist change in society in response to the global pandemic's impact on people's livelihoods, mental health, and civil rights.

Her entrepreneurial career began in 2000 when she co-founded World-Check, a database of Politically Exposed Persons and heightened risk individuals and organisations, which became a standard for identifying and managing financial, regulatory, and reputational risk within the world's financial and legal institutions.

 She also co-founded Wealth-X and has a passion for interior design, art, sculpture, music, and dance. 's work aims to inspire, motivate, and uplift her audience, encouraging them to think critically, discover new perspectives, and focus on well-being. Her dedication to helping others has led her to share important life lessons and establish to create a better world through awareness.

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Laura Aboli on Telegram

Better Way Conference 2023

Source: Laura Aboli: Transhumanism: The End Game

Source: Laura Aboli: Transhumanism: The End Game


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