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A Blithering Idiot.

For many of us who've been around a while, most of our memories of Boris are of a jovial, highly educated, irreverent buffoon who does copious amounts of media work and not much astute political thinking.

For Blow-Jo to amount to anything other than a cartoon character, some pretty wild things needed to happen and they did when Britain voted overwhelmingly and unexpectedly for . This threw a pretty big spanner in the globalist elites plans for the western world which had up until then been moving along quite nicely. Next came the Storm that was and the rest is history.

The Handmaidens Fail

Boris had wanted to be PM for most of his adult life and he was helped enormously in his quest by the treacherous behaviour of that weak and pathetic excuse for a PM, . It was no shock to anyone when out of nowhere Boris was PM and became a done deal.


had to act. They knew they had plenty of their corrupt, easily controlled “placements” in the British government and British establishment, so a plan was enacted. Get Boris to go down with the imaginary China virus and when he's in the tank fix him. And fix him they did. Have you ever watched Invasion of the Bodysnatchers with Donald Sutherland? Maybe it was just like that. Boris was gone and Kim Jong-Sun was born… The PM was back and Britain was heading towards conservative communism.

The Quick March

Everything since then has been a quick march to medical tyranny and a segregated society of the compliant and non-compliant. As many have stated, Australia has been the demonstration video for what is coming, the US is now under the control of a crazy person, Britain is hanging over the edge and the EU is in disarray. The Bad Billionaires and their puppets will try and use the vax to smash any and all resistance. They have already wiped out thousands of elderly people with Midazolan and end of life packs and now they've come for our children !! They've crossed a line that will red pill even more people and they've done it with the complete cooperation of the old left, like teachers, unions and the medical profession.

Never Say New World Order

Apart from a few vocal warriors out there there's been absolutely zero dissent in the old news media which is certainly their last nail in the coffin. Still, at least in good old England we haven't reached ‘Australia level' just yet, but we're only hanging on by a thread. The thing that's really strange about all this with the once politically canny Jong-Sun, is his seemingly willing participation in the WEF reset plan and his incessant banging on about “”. He must know that a good percentage of educated people know exactly what means to them and their families future and understand the terrifying implications of these slogans. He must also realise the elites plans have marxist, eugenicist, elitist roots. Seems he doesn't care, isn't aware or there's something else going on in there.


Slogan References:

* = Destroy Comply Die

*Conservatism = Communism

*Green New Deal = Starvation Poverty Servitude


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