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A timely show once electrocuted – now partly revived! A year before the recent JFK files release (indicating ties to Hitler’s survival), Al raised this hypothesis with Jos: Could yet another motive for taking out JFK be his initiative to smoke out the Bormann Reich (via the 1962 CIA coup against Peron), after learning of Hitler’s escape? Other issues covered: Who was Bormann’s successor? Why did all US presidents, save JFK, visit the “Hitler Hotel” in Bariloche? Is there still a BB Power Base there? Did LBJ fall out of favour with the Deep State? Is there a ritual aspect to the JFK case? + many odd curio – like a covert Deep State war involving Trump.

Source: Dr. Joseph Farrell – JFK Reloaded: The Spider & The Deep State (Pt. 1 & 2) – YouTube

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