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GVP #217 – – Satanic Influences in Society |

We can study the fine detail of all the society-shaping agendas and systems of control that have been put into place. But sitting atop all of these is the ideology driving everything.

We live in a truly Satanic society, and Newcastle-based researcher joins this episode to discuss what really is and how most people – though they would be horrified to hear it – actually quality as de facto satanists.

Along the way we discuss much of on full display to indicate the true nature of those controlling society. This includes the recently-destroyed We also discuss Luciferianism, , , archaic spiritual teachings, kundalini, and the significance of the numbers 33 and 666.

It's not until the spiritual tactics that are used against us are fully comprehended by the masses, that we can break free of the dark spells that have been cast over us collectively.

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Source: GVP #217 – Steve James – Satanic Influences in Society | Spreaker


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