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Great News.

Big Blow For Tech Tyrannies?

Major Victory For Freedom?

Parler CEO says, Parler will likely be back up and running by mid-Feb. This news will delight Parler's millions of users and could also be a major victory in the fight for freedom of expression and a major blow for the tyrants running .

Earlier this month, Apple removed the Parler app from its store and Amazon removed its servers, in what can only be described as a corporate crushing. These mighty tech giants saw Parler and its open approach to as a direct threat to their business model, and to their plans to control society by means of controlling language and thought. aka 1984 on acid. As expected, we the people were appalled by this savage act of corporate fascism, while the Left quietly gave a nod and wink –  for the greater good of course. Marxist enslavement.

The_Void wishes Parler's CEO all the very best in his endeavours. We have long championed Parler's virtues as a game changer in .




Source: Parler CEO Says Twitter Rival Likely To Go Back Live By February – I24news


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