Use of Sacred Symbolism In Modern Times | Michael Tsarion

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Psychic Dictatorship

Use of Sacred In Modern Times – 2003 |

The hidden persuaders, the subversive use of sacred in the media.

Sacred continues to be significant in modern times, representing ancient spiritual lineages and conveying intangible truths. These symbols are used in various wisdom traditions and have the power to transform consciousness and behaviours. Many sacred symbols retain their importance and are still widely recognised. The use of sacred in modern times serves as a link to the timeless wisdom of humankind, representing a multiplicity of beliefs and experiences across different cultures and religions. The symbol is understood to have a referential character, serving as a transparency, a signal, and a sign leading to the sacred or holy, and it is above all the experience of the sacred or holy that belongs essentially to any concept of religion.

Born in Ireland, is an expert on histories of Ireland and America. He has made the deepest researches into Atlantis, the Origins of Evil, and into the Irish Origins of Civilisation. Michael is author of the acclaimed book “Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation,” and the producer and presenter of “Origins and Oracles,” a series exploring ancient mysteries and forbidden knowledge.

“I think we are destroying the minds of America and that has been one of my lifelong ambitions.”

John Kricfalusi

In 2005 Michael began work on his second book, The Irish Origins of Civilisation, a magnum opus in two volumes, dealing with the true but long-suppressed history of Ireland and the West. Michael also wrote and narrated a multi-hour program on the same subject.

In 2006 Michael appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel's program “Quest of Atlantis.” That same year he was interviewed by Brent Miller for the “Horizon” series on ancient catastrophe and pole shifts. In recent years he has been repeatedly invited by the History Channel and other mainstream programs and channels.

In recent years Michael's has continued to produce over a dozen separate websites and channels. His output on conspiracy, psychology and philosophy, etc, includes numerous articles and books.

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Source: Michael Tsarion *CLASSIC** Use of Sacred Symbolism In Modern Times


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