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Episode 432 – The and the News Media 2.0 – Nov 2022 |

We know all about the ’s infiltration of the news media, from Wisner’s Wurlitzer and the ’s global network to the revelations and the whistleblowers of the 1980s.

We were told that the stopped all that (which is a lie, of course). But do you know how the is manipulating the media today? Join James as he exposes the incredibly brazen trick behind The and the News Media 2.0.


The CIA and the Media (Bernstein, 1977)
Time Reference:01:16
The CIA and the News Media (Corbett, 2011)
Time Reference:01:41
Edward Snowjob tweets Frank Snepp clip 
Time Reference:11:59
CIA Officer Frank Snepp Discusses Planting Stories in Vietnam
Time Reference:12:06
The CIA’s Global Propaganda Network – #PropagandaWatch
Time Reference:14:21
Gekaufte Journalisten by Udo Ulfkotte
Time Reference:19:59
Journalist Who Blew the Whistle on CIA Media Control Drops Dead at 56
Time Reference:20:22
Mass Media: A History (purchase the course at
Time Reference:21:18
Mass Media: A History (course notes and sneak preview)
Time Reference:21:49
Ex-CIA Director Admits Agency Meddles in Foreign Elections (“only in the interest of democracy”)
Time Reference:25:42
CNN analyst compares Trump’s CPAC speech to Hitler
Time Reference:26:14
Ex CIA/FBI Official Calls Julian Assange ‘Pedophile’ on CNN Live TV, Wikileaks Threatens Lawsuit HD, 12
Time Reference:26:41
Ex-CIA Official Jeremy Bash Calls Protesters Domestic Extremists, Calls for Surveillance and Penetration
Time Reference:26:57
John Brennan Warns MSNBC About “Deeply Disturbed” Conspiracy Theorists
Time Reference:27:39
CIA Officer Ralph McGehee Reveals How the Agency Deceived the Country During the Vietnam War
Time Reference:31:15
“There has never been a conspiracy in this country!” (I’ll leave this as an Easter Egg for now. Can you remember/find this clip? The answer will be included in next weekend’s subscriber exclusive video!)
Time Reference:39:05


Source: The CIA and the News Media 2.0


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