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#311: The Of The Medics – – 01 march 2023 |

It's obvious for those with the eyes to see it that the medical industry has been weaponised and turned against the general public, not just inside of America, but worldwide as well. In conjunction with its partners in the corrupted , the pharmaceutical industry has recently been used to enslave and ultimately alter humanity in a way that creates a two-tiered society with one small group dominating the huddled masses.

But is this a new plan or has this idea existed for much longer than we think? brings his deep understanding of the elite's philosophy and hidden history to the discussion about just how long this plan for the domination of mankind has been plotted, and the answer might shock you. Was the splintering of man always the plan, or has the introduction of gene editing technology given the ruling class the opportunity to do away with humanity once and for all? 

Source: #311: The Cult Of The Medics | David Whitehead


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