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The King and the Stone

Evidence of King Arthurs burial sites – 2012 |

and have uncovered physical evidence of two King Arthurs.

The latter day stories of have pushed two very real Kings together into one mighty mythical character. Wilson and Blackett in their detective work have specified a dynasty of 80 British Kings, two of whom were called Arthur separated by 6 generations. Once they had pin point St Peters Church (North East of Bridgend in South Wales) as the most likely resting place of II, they bought the building and carried out an excavation. It's impossible to state they are wrong in their conclusions when you discover what was found during their excavation. Academia “Are you watching?”. Anyone in academia who wishes to assist or be involved with Wilson & Blacketts research please get in touch with them.

Wilson & Blackett

and are historians who have been researching British for over 30 years. They are known for their controversial claims about and his kingdom, which they argue were real. Their research focuses on the true of Wales and Britain, with a particular emphasis on and his kingdom. They claim to have uncovered compelling evidence to support their theories. Some of their findings include:

  • In their book “Artorius Rex Discovered,” Wilson and Blackett claim that the Western Roman Emperor Magnus Clemens Maximus, the Mascen Wledig of Welsh legend, was the real .
  • They have investigated various sites associated with , such as St. Peter's Church in Wales, where they found a tiny axe in pristine condition.
  • Wilson and Blackett have translated the Coelbren alphabet and used it to decipher inscriptions on stones found in burial sites throughout Wales.
  • They claim to have found tangible evidence to support their theories.


Source: The Forensic Historians, King Arthurs Grave – 1 OF 3 – YouTube


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