Buried by Mainstream Media: True Story of Madeleine McCann | Richard D. Hall

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Buried by Mainstream Media, True Story of
08 August 2014 | Richard D Hall

The disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of our time and has generated thousands of front page headlines.

Despite the unprecedented coverage, few people have detailed understanding of the evidence of the case. Mainstream media has been used to create diversion and confusion over what really happened, rather than inform their readers of the facts. We present the most detailed TV documentary yet produced about this case. Focusing on witness statements, physical and circumstantial evidence, media articles, photographs and more leaving the viewer with a comprehensive understanding of the facts. Once the facts are laid bare, mainstream media are shown to be nothing more than a tool of propaganda in the hands of those trying to control the public's perception of reality for a range of nefarious purposes.



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