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Who's Afraid of The Bilderberg Group?

– 2001 |

Filmmaker researches the history and exclusive membership list of the secretive Bilderberg Group, an annual meeting of the most powerful individuals in world politics, media and business.

“It's just too uncomfortable believing that 120 of the worlds most powerful men can go behind locked and guarded doors and make decisions that affect all of us.”

The Bilderberg is a series of annual meetings which began in 1954, which quickly became an international deep state milieu of major importance.

The 69 meetings have been attended by at least 2886 participants (and a further 118 more “in attendance”), each of whom have pages on the Wikispooks website. They are often mentioned in conjunction with two other, less secretive, organisations: the  and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Why was the Bilderberg Hotel, Oosterbeek, the exact site of a 5-day-long massacre of isolated and ill-equipped British airborne forces, in a defensive pocket nicknamed the ‘Hexenkessel', on the outskirts of Arnhem, Holland in September 1944 chosen for the inaugural Bilderberg meeting in 1954?

(asks Tony Gosling)

Around 120 financiers, military leaders, heads of corporations, nation states and deep politicians meet to discuss projects of mutual interest (such as, according to a former chairman, the creation of the Euro).

The group has been accused of involvement in false flag attacks, but such charges may be more suited to deep state milieux such as Le Cercle.

The Cabal's henchmen.

The _Void

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