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Common law has been ignored from as early as 1296.

The “” Experiment – 07 Feb 2022 |

The Birth Certificate is your ‘bill of lading' to be shown to the port authority and if you owe anything the authorities can take it. You are ‘registered property' and the crown owns that property.

Mark Windows explains…

Birth Certificate

You are born ‘lost at sea' which means that you were born as a dead person so your life and rights all expired the day you were born into this legal system of administration.

“If all this sounds like some kind of black magic, that's because it is. Words create ‘spells' that's why they call it ‘spelling' etc.”

Mark Windows

The birth certificate is basically a blood-bond and represents ‘living' because it is printed red. The certificate is signed by an informant who are your parents. Your parents informed the state that a new revenue stream had been born which was you. The informant signed in black which means ‘deceased'.

“The black magician controls through creating a version of his victim like an effigy. The dried blood of the victim, or anything that belongs to, or has a link (the blood-bond of the birth certificate) basically signs you away. Your parents signed you away through that blood-bond which is known as the ‘Birth Certificate'.”

Mark Windows

Your parents sold you to the devil – The State – who deceived them into doing it – and your parents did it willingly because of the threat of fines and imprisonment if they did not register you.

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Source: Freeman Vs Legal Fiction | Windows on The World

Source: The “Freeman” Experiment


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