The Lives Of Others – IIA Operations – James O’Keefe & Patrick Bergy | Brendon O’Connell

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Is it time to have a good re-think about what “standards” we tolerate from the online media stars?

The Lives Of Others – IIA Operations – James O’Keefe & | Brendon O’Connell

Digging into , James O’Keefe And .

So much is happening, Bill and the gang are warning of bio warfare and weaponised small pox… and we’ll get into that in a video soon, and where someone might be manufacturing that potential material.

We’ll wind up the video with a quick commentary on the acquittal… a gift from above.

We need to ask serious questions about how we readily accept a constant stream of “never quite enough” information, in “never quite the right way”, from the well heeled internet media stars. Not that PB is that well heeled…but you’ll get the message.

We are starved and readily accept slops – better than nothing.

We need to ask the right questions with the right mature approach and then we might get some interesting conclusions.

We have learned so much about IIA Operations – Interactive Internet Activities – psychological warfare operations. And despite this mountain of information and learning, we continue to be run in circles, unable to engage in self evident adult responses to simple problems. Why is that? IIA Operations.

Source: 81. The Lives Of Others – IIA Operations – James O’Keefe & Patrick Bergy – YouTube


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