The World War Drift with F. William Engdahl and Hesher | Sunday Wire

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Listen to “Episode #413 – ‘The World War Drift’ with F. William Engdahl & Hesher” on Spreaker.

The World War Drift

Episode #413 – ‘The World War Drift’ with & – 27 March 2022 |

is joined by best-selling author and geopolitical analyst , to discuss the global economic storm now gathering pace – triggered by self-destructive US-led against over the war in Ukraine.

Could this force the great powers into a genuine World War III confrontation?

In the final segment, Patrick is joined by , host of ACR’s Boiler Room, to discuss some high profile vaccine-relating incidents, and also a US news round-up.

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Source: Episode #413 – ‘The World War Drift’ with F. William Engdahl & Hesher | Spreaker


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