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Hoax Part 11: Tiangong-1: Sum Ting Wong.

Hoax Part 2: Dock

Hoax Part 3: Hatch and Agents

Hoax Part 4: Harness Fail

Hoax Part 5: Spacewalk

Hoax Part 6: Smelly Kelly and the Magical Bandwidth

Hoax Part 7: Pee-Pee-Ping-Pong, and Peakey Boy's Nappy

Hoax Part 9: Do You Even Faith Bro? ……and this time it's serious.

Hoax Part 10: Peakey boy, Sneaky boy, returning home in a leaky toy

Hoax Part 11: Tiangong-1: Sum Ting Wong.

Hoax Part 12 – The Mahahars Landing

Everything is Nominal

Hoax – 2015 |

Most people are incredulous that the wizards would be faking space. WaykiWaki is incredulous that people believe it.

An epic twelve part series, the ‘ Hoax' series starts with agent supposedly leaving earth and fittingly concludes with him supposedly returning to earth, capturing the experience of one complete false pantomime astronot, a military asset to promote .

“The space is for the children, adults are already totally droned out.”

Nobody seemed to be covering the events or space news back in 2015 so it was left up to to investigate. Wayki has a lot of fun watching what the European Space Agency pass off as being real.

Enjoy the show! 🍿

Space Patches

Source: ESA Hoax | WaykiWayki


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