Flat Earth. The craziest conspiracy of them all.

It is crazy, right?

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Media Manipulation – From JFK to 9/11

A look into how the media has manipulated everything from the JFK assassination to 9/11 to give you a false sense of reality.

What on Earth Happened? – Part Ten – The Energetic Earth | EWAR

In this episode EWAR talks about electro magnetic frequencies, Tesla and the micro and macro worlds.

What on Earth Happened? – Part Eight – The Looking Glass | EWAR

How deep down the rabbit hole can we go? Strap in, hold on tight and let EWAR show you.

What on Earth Happened? – Part Three – Flattening the Curve | EWAR

How deep down the rabbit hole can we go? Strap in, hold on tight and let EWAR show you.

In Search of The Edge – An Inquiry into the Shape of the Earth

A very funny and comprehensive documentary proving, fairly conclusively, that the earth is flat!

The Truman Show

"We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented, it's as simple as that."

Owen Benjamin – DITRH – Jeranism | Monday Night Raw

Owen joins Jeranism and DITRH to discuss his flat earth awaking, the moon landings and much much more...

The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes | Eric Dubay

NASA steals 52 million dollars in taxpayer money every single day giving us back nothing but science-fiction movies and bold-faced lies.

The Occult Debunks The Globe

In our Modern-day Materialistic Scientifically run society, we are taught that we “evolved” from monkeys... total bollocks !!

Antarctica Is Not What You Think | Jeranism

A study of the 24 hour sun (or lack of it) down in Antarctica.

Secrets Beyond Antarctica

Is there land beyond Antarctica and what is really going on there...

Leveled – 200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball | John Thor

A re-edited version of John Thor's levelled that includes addition footage and information

Illuminati Game

The Illuminati Card Game was originally released in 1982 by Occultist Steve Jackson, as a game in which players control secret societies and compete with each other to control the world.

Antarctica | Sorry We’re Closed!

Governments keep secrets to prevent corrupt, lying politicians from ending up in jail.

Lost History of The Flat Earth – Vol-1 Part 7 | EWAR

What is the true history of the earth?

Lost History of The Flat Earth – Vol-1 Part 6 | EWAR

What is the true history of the earth.

Where The Sun Don’t Shine | Protective Fences

When everything you know and love is built upon a lie...

The Greatest Deception | Hibbeler Productions

It's time to talk about Einstein......

Antarctica Is The Key To The Flat Earth | Greg Reese – InfoWars

The more research you do, the more you realise the world is not what you thought it was...

The Reason Why They Lied About Antarctica | Mag Bitter Truth

An interesting and very funny video from Mag Bitter Truth about Antarctica, climate change, over population and the spinning ball.

Level | Hibbeler Productions

The long awaited Hibbeler Productions movie, 'Level' is here.

The Ultimate Litmus Test | Flat Earth

One of the best FE documentaries ever made.

Flat Earth | Awakening

Darren Nesbit's compulsive flat earth presentation at Awakening 2018

The Case For A Hollow Earth – Dr. Brooks Agnew – Part One | Forum Borealis

This man set up an expedition to find the inner earth...

Atlantis and Lake Vostok

What's going on in Antarctica?

Flat Earth | Eddie Bravo

Rabbit hole discussion about the globe...

Flat Earth: The Biggest Lie of All – Part 1 | Dave Murphy

Part one of an in-depth examination of some of the evidence that indicates that the Earth is not a spinning, orbiting globe.

Flat Earth On Late Night TV | Dave Murphy

Once you flat, you never go back.

Antarctica Unveiled – Clif High – Part 3 | Forum Borealis

What's going on at the bottom of the world?

Flat Earth Moon Landing | AstroNots | Did We go to the Moon? | Jeranism

Did we go to the moon? This documentary discussion suggests the answer is pretty clear...

Owen Benjamin – Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole | John Thor

Down the flat earth rabbit hole we go with Owen Benjamin and Dave Weiss.

Balls Deeper – Eddie Bravo

Eddie and the guys go down the rabbit hole

Eddie Bravo | Balls Deep

Eddie Bravo explains the flat earth

Below The Curve

Once you go flat... you never go back.

Best NASA Fail Compilation

Do we really know the world that we live in? Or is everything bloody faked !?!

EPIC Flat Earth Interview | Eric Dubay

This world is not what you think it is....