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The Shape of the Earth

With Me – 2023 |

The third installment of the series, the with Me” is definitive proof that our space agencies are fraudulent.

They have been stealing our tax money for far too long. Fooling the masses with, but not limited to, CGI, green screens, harnesses, and governing your mind into a fantasy heliocentric world. Gravity you say? Well in this , they prove electrostatics is the force commonly referred to and accepted as “gravity” due to our Rockefeller funded education systems, with a ground breaking electrostatics experiment! This time around, they visit 's Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, 's CSBF in Palestine, Texas, and the Board of Brevard County Commissioners office in Florida. Also, they bring forth what really happened with the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion and what the involved are currently doing with their lives. 

The truth can set you free!

Sources and links:

Source: Level with me (2023) – Odysee

Source: Level with me (2023) – YouTube


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