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– The Truth Is Hard To Swallow – 2021 |

The hottest potato, most sacred of cows with a built in knee-jerk reaction of dismissal and ridicule for most, a ‘ theory' too far for many, but whatever your views, this is great entertainment and very well produced.

How much do you know about your world? Or is it ‘their' world?

The Spinning Ball Earth

When we stop to think, it's amazing that the spinning earth ball is not only rotating at 1000 miles per hour, it wobbles, speeds up and slows down as it hurtles around the sun in an ellipse at 66,660 miles per hour, all the while cruising through space at over half a million miles per hour, yet we never feel a thing.

The Flat Earth

The ‘' theory is a concept that the Earth is a flat and plane, rather than a spinning ball globe. This idea has been around for thousands of years and was the prevailing view in many ancient cultures. Some modern ‘' models propose that the plane is surrounded by a wall of ice holding in the oceans and suggest that our flat plane(t) and its atmosphere are encased in a huge, hemispherical ‘terrarium' and the existence of a ‘firmament' or dome of stars surround the Earth from which nothing can exit. To account for night and day, ‘' models propose that the sun and moon are small and close to the Earth, moving in a circular path above the plane.

“In a world that tells us science has been settled, we tell them, the journey has merely begun”.

' models also propose that ‘gravity' does not exist and point out that density and buoyancy explain everything, with objects sinking or floating based on their relative densities. For example, a helium balloon rises because it is less dense than the surrounding air, while a rock sinks because it is more dense. In a model, perspective is crucial for understanding observations. The distance between objects and the observer affect how they appear. This means that objects closer to the observer will appear larger and closer, while objects farther away will appear smaller and farther away.

Narrated by | Music by O.D.D TV

Directed by Sean Hibbeler of

Enjoy | The_Void

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LEVEL (2021) – The Truth Is Hard To Swallow – Hibbeler Productions

Source: LEVEL (Flat Earth Film) PG Version


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