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At first, Hoffa is a tiny bit standoffish on the Mob stuff. He says “There is no Mafia” and uses Hoover's statement years before when he said “There is no Mafia”, but I think that was because the had information on Hoover as being a transvestite. Notice when the interviewer says “Bullshit”, Jimmy starts getting more open. I think it stripped the formalism, and maybe felt at home, and even gets defensive. He mentions the mob later, even hints at murder, by saying “Self-preservation is a big word”.

I think the mob is always blamed for his death, but the was always after him, and he only got out because of Nixon's commutation. Greatest labor leader, tripled incomes, got his workers benefits. I don't think the truth will ever come out. I certainly don't believe that drunk Sheehan who told multiple stories, trying to get any shit to stick to pay his lawyer, so of course, after being turned down by multiple publishers, his lawyer writes that book (awful movie, too, you can watch Hoffa on Cavett on YouTube, and see Pacino not coming close).

Just my theory, but I think many of those guys with “deathbed confessions” only do so because they have nothing to lose and figure they can get the heat off the real killer, and get a payoff and protection for his immediate family/friends.

Hoffa makes a good point about not having a bodyguard, that only cheats would have one, and how many died with bodyguards, because guys relax” | The_Void


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