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The Ridiculous?

– Dec 2023 |

If you've been travelling in The_Void for some time, you will appreciate the mad layers of deception required to keep humanity blind, distracted and divided.

It forces us to consider just how deep the deception goes. Would the evil wizards go as far as to convince us that we live in a very different world to what we are told, keeping us from knowing who we are, what we are, and where we are? Would it make a difference?

The Ptolemaic System

The geocentric enclosed model of the Earth, also known as the Ptolemaic system, is an ancient astronomical model that places the Earth at the centre of the universe. According to this model, the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets revolve around Earth.

  • The Sun was believed to be a celestial sphere with a radius of 6,400 km, which was thought to be the size of the universe.
  • The Sun's varying motion through the zodiac was explained by the model, where the centre of the path was displaced from Earth, causing the Sun to move slowest when farthest from Earth (apogee) and fastest when nearest Earth (perigee).
  • The Moon's motion was explained by combining the eccentric model with an epicyclic model, where the Moon's path revolved uniformly around Earth (epicycle), and the centre of the epicycle revolved around Earth along a larger circle (deferent).
  • The Moon's phases were a result of the changing perspective of the illuminated face of the Moon as it orbits Earth.
  • The geocentric model placed stars in spherical shells around Earth, with the celestial bodies being embedded in the spheres.
  • The stars appeared to move much slower than the planets, which led to their placement in the outermost sphere, furthest away from Earth.

The geocentric model was widely accepted for thousands of years, but it was eventually replaced by the heliocentric model, which placed the Sun at the centre of the solar system.

is a geopolitical researcher and author. His books include: ‘The Falsification of History' (2012), ‘The Falsification of Science' (2021) and ‘RMS Olympic' on the Titanic disaster of 1912.

Source: John Hamer


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