UK DYSTOPIA: Tesco trains human beings like animals in a laboratory experiment | Opinion

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“Like lambs to the slaughter.”

The blind drift further into a dystopian future only previously experienced in nightmares as yet another milestone is reached.

The retail giant has launched a drive to galvanise the new abnormal into already harassed minds and in the process has cemented it’s allegiance to the Coviet Authorities.

The retailer does its best to make light of their tyrannical stance with plinky piano and a cheeky voice-over but it would have been more appropriate if they’d had an army sergeant barking out the orders.

“We’re installing ‘traffic lights’ to manage the flow of people.

There are ‘cleaning stations’ in every store.

Please shop alone, wear a mask and keep your distance.”


“There are screens to help keep everyone safe.”

The British love being treated like Children and rushed to the YouTube comments section to show their appreciation for the mentalist retail giant and their patronising advert. Unsurprisingly, Tesco has now switched off comments for the video.

It’s taken a while but it looks like Britains are finally waking up to the fact that this nightmare is never going to end, at least not in the monster capitulating corporate sphere.

Bring back the local, high street Greengrocer and wake us up when the nightmare is over.




Thanks to Dave Cullen:

Source: Tesco trains human beings like animals in a laboratory experiment | Opinion

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