12 Months That Shook The World

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The European nightmare

“…most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

I remember the early evening of the 23rd of June 2016 like it was yesterday. It was a typical British summer day, overcast and raining. I'd just cast a vote in the first meaningful election of my lifetime. A vote where everyone's vote counted for once.

I felt good.

I felt confident.

Confident that there were enough of us to shock the EU and probably the world, there we were, the meat grinding through the globalist machine, the fodder, led by a bunch of cock sure treacherous Etonians, who were the well rewarded servants of an all powerful globalist elite hell bent on world domination.

Everything was going swimmingly for them, they had the super structure – the EU parliament with its Washington like district called Brussels (complete with private shopping center). They had the infrastructure – the all powerful European courts. They had control of the money – which payed for their lavish lifestyles, healthcare programs and pensions for life. They had gained all this at the expense of the ever struggling worker. The one thing they didn't have though, was full control over the people who had seen their living standards decline during one calamitous mistake after another. They also never had an Army, but they did have an ever more armed and militarised police force.

Their plan was, I believe, to destroy nationalism  and the nation state with rapid mass immigration, thus enabling the European identity to be brainwashed into an ever fearful and subservient public. Post banking crash, they were using a controlled media and an EU wide school curriculum with a carefully narrated concept of nothingness to guarantee their future. There was also one other thing they didn't pay enough attention to and that was the human instinct for impending doom. That feeling an animal gets as its walking into the abattoir.

Tick Tock

So as those who were born to rule were sipping champagne in 10 and 11 Downing Street and patting each other on the back in Brussels and Berlin, the results started to come in…

Defiance And Sabotage

Nothing to worry about, but it was closer than expected screamed the exit poll. The early talk was of how we would all now just get on with our lives and we'd be remaining in Europe.

Already nicely paced into the evening with a fridge full of cold Stella's, I watched the most monumental act of defiance in a generation unfold before my eyes and it was glorious. It was invigorating. It was the first sign since 9/11 that the world had been jolted back on course. And by god was I now ready to consume more alcohol.

Around 9am the following morning it began to sink in. (I'd done that thing where you drink yourself sober) Blimey!!! We'd done it… the result was decisive. I felt we had reached a point of no turning back!

There would be obvious and not so obvious attempts at deception. Even at the point of victory,  you sensed, even anticipated some political treachery. Expected even more Liberal nonsense from an ever more treasonous state TV broadcaster, and in true Pravda style the weren't wasting any time. They pretty much went straight into ‘Operation Sabotage ' from day 3 onwards [day 1 and 2 were reserved purely for crying and hugging] and essentially began phase 1 of the era.

Left, Right, Left, Right, Left…

Since that great day we've seen the end of Blairism with Cameron and Osborne gone – but sadly not the end of Blair. Jeremy Corbyn twice elected leader of under a banner of and . We've also had the election of Donald J Trump and phase 2 of the madness kick off.

It's been mad, we've looked on in bemusement as Liberals all over the western hemisphere have gone into a kind of zombie like trance where they're all repeating the same things and constantly crying. We've then watched on as the EU briefly fought back with wins in Holland and France, only to have those small victories thrown back in their face with the “defiance” of Poland and Hungary. We've also seen the Paris climate accord get washed away with a wave of a small hand and we'll soon see the British contribution to the EU budget going down the same plughole. Ha ha, the Germans could now be financing climate change and Europe pretty much on their own.

The European future looks bleak, they already have almost daily/weekly terror attacks and youth unemployment at record levels. Now they have to get their heads around the reemergence of a new nationalistic, classically Liberal, Right wing – a concept that terrifies Neo-Liberals far more than ISIS or Islamic terrorism does.

It gets even better, a new problem has now emerged; the old Marxist Left is back on the political spectrum and represents yet another threat to the elites merry money-go-round. Thanks to Theresa May's almighty cock up and the loss of her workable majority, Corbyn is like the new kid on the block and he looks well up for a bit of Marxist Anarchy in the UK. Patriots [and there are many] weren't really inspired by May, as they were by Trump in America and that's why many failed to come out for her in the election. She didn't actually seem to really understand her base or the eagerness of many Brits for a decisive leader and a visionary . Have we ever needed a “Churchillian' type character more than we do now?

There are positives of course. As I see it, British just got very interesting again. A real battle of ideals could now emerge to challenge everything. The Communist/Marxist, free shit for everyone may not last, but it will be fun in a perverse way. And while there are plenty of possibilities and potential outcomes, what we do know is, the wild eyed Left now have a party that truly represents them and Brexiteers don't. The Tories are basically a mish-mash of Centrists, Blairites, Liberals and a few aging Thatcherites. Liberals – who are they? And sadly even can't represent the Leave vote adequately anymore either, not without at the helm and not unless someone dangerous and Trump like can re-invigorate them. perhaps? Personally I doubt it. I think that would take the kind of steel balls members probably don't have. There's a challenge!!! Join up and vote, that's how Corbyn did it.

A nation without an ideology is lost. A nation with a false ideology is a danger to herself and to her neighbours.”

Ivan Menzies.

Free shit and Philanthropy

There are things it's hard to dislike about Corbyn, his warmth compared to the cold hearted Tories and the fact that he listens to his voters, which he definitely does. I personally like the way he's been magnanimous enough to sit on the opposition benches even though he won the election… very impressive!

Free education should be how it is, we are definitely a rich enough country. I'd also suggest that all children should be made to visit Eton as part of the Prevent strategy, but that might be a bit too controversial in the present climate. Free health care is another thing we all want to preserve, however unlikely it now seems with mass immigration and steady corporate privitisation. The sad thing is, free health care and free education have probably gone the way of free speech.

Tax evasion is probably Corbyn's strongest point, but who thinks he'll make the corporations pay their fair share? Can anyone stop the wealthy having all the fun? I doubt it, don't you? I do know one thing though, all of these high tax Marxists own several properties in and around the London area and claim 2nd home tax allowances/expenses. Nice work if you can get it.

The downside with Jezza is also pretty obvious. If, say North Korea did something mental, would you fancy him in charge? Would he do anything at all to combat Islamic terrorism and mass immigration? Would he destroy the economy with free shit and philanthropy at the expense of the British worker? Would every left wing loon get a top job for life again like in the seventies? Would he sell us out to the EU over ? Unlikely in my opinion as Corbyn has never liked EU superstate either – odd for a commie. He's got that Tony Benn like animosity towards them. He might have even got a better deal for the UK than the Tories. Who knows?  The one thing I do know is, Corbyn would bankrupt the country and open the doors.


There have been many miscalculations by the Globalists, the big one being the reaction to their Neo-Liberal wars and the following mass exodus from those newly acquired land resources.

Another was the self destructiveness of Islamic extremism and its effect on wider society. Something that was becoming an ever increasing burden on European governments and its people. There they were, confident that their propaganda machine. the main stream media. would do its job and mold public opinion – the once respected and trusted is now the epicenter of and appears to be the EU's main broadcast network.

So with an arrogance born out of avarice and the inevitable complacency that comes with it, they continued on their merry way and completely underestimated the will of us, the ordinary people. They ostensibly, and to all intents and purposes, appeared completely oblivious to the possibility of defeat and their own inevitable downfall.

As for the EU itself, it is now a mortally wounded leviathan, and just like every other monstrous regime that has come before, its downfall had already begun before its leaders had smelt the coffee. The EU has [literally] fiddled while Paris has burned. The instruments of power had failed. They'd lost control of the Narrative. No one trusted their mouthpieces, the main stream news media. The grand old Bilderberg plan had gone tits up and had started to crumble. The EU has begun to look more and more like an island in a sea of ideological isolation. The leaders of Europe have far fewer friendly backs to pat and hands to shake, as we saw at the G8.

Who and where are the 's [or as it's better known around the world, Greater Germany's] allies? Trump's America? Erdogan's Turkey? The middles East? Russia? China? Israel? ok, maybe we can give them Justin Trudeau's, Canada lol. They certainly can't include us [the UK] that's for sure! Not after the negotiations kicked off with tactics more akin to a blackmailer's ransom note than those of democrats accepting a democratic decision.

Chaos and Clowns

The journey to this destination point has been a thrilling one. From the Globalists first mistake when they let Britain keep the Pound and thus a semblance of our national identity to the banking collapse and the wars in Syria and Libya. The writing was already on the proverbial wall. Europeans have lost their identities, currencies and control of their independence. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are broke and the French and Germans have collapsed into non identity, Indentitarianism [I think I've just made that word up, but you get me].

National flags are now only tolerated at sporting events and laws are misused to silence law abiding citizens. Add all that together and you have more than enough reasons to want to escape this totalitarian hellhole.

It's my belief that the Globalists have now decided to try and wait it out until 2020 and see what happens in the US, because with Clinton's defeat went the last real chance of saving their pet project.

There were many reasons happened, and obviously two of the biggest were the sheer indomitable tenacity of , and the effect that and the internet has had on peoples ability to transfer and express independent ideas and thoughts. Add to that the collapse of trust in the and hey presto!! Chaos!!!

We the people have simply lost faith in the political institutions that have worked so feverishly against us. Government is a clown show and the vast majority of politicians are dripping in ideological nothingness. I guess that's how we've ended up where we are and why we still don't know where we're going.

Our institutions have failed us. Our politicians have failed us. The system has failed us. The streets aren't safe anymore, the future looks grimmer and we are sick to death of our opportunities and prospects disappearing up the arse of some fat cat bastard globalist. We are also fed up of witnessing the disintegration and segregation of our once cohesive societies. We know who these bloodsucking Vampires are, and we know why they are doing it.

Halcyon Days

What many of us now want is nothing less than out of the single market and the European court. The return of all our fishing waters and complete control of our borders. The best way to achieve this in my opinion is, with the idea of “Trumpism”, the idea that you just have to keep going in knowledge that you know you are right.

A party led by someone like or Boris is probably the best and only way the Tories could provide the British people with a strong party. If they fail, a new party could/will be born and will be its voice… and let's be fair here, the leadership pool isn't exactly bristling.

Where the Right undeniably does lead the way, is online. They definitely have the best writers, commentators and satirists and online is where the conversation is happening. We know was a major element in the phenomenons of and Trump and I think Theresa May should have taken more note of what mattered to this new movement, but surely it's too late now for a party that ignores all of its best commentators. The party May have had its day. It May even be beyond rescue?

With at its most Marxist since the days of Militant and Red Robbo, now is the perfect opportunity, to pick it all up, throw it all up in the air and see where it all lands. We might even be back to the halcyon days where revolution lingers for any failure to achieve.

Could be sabotaged? I really don't believe so, somethings are just unstoppable. History is back in the hands of the people in Britain and America and where we go next is pretty much up to us. In Europe it's a different story. We all know who's in charge of the Union of Neo-Liberal States in Europe.. AND IT AIN'T THAT FRENCH POODLE.


p.s keep an eye out for Phase-3 of the era..

This blog is a follow up to A Very British Coup.

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