Viva la Revolution

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“The is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”

Che Guevara

Our political system is a product of years of democratic evolution that has been built on grass roots support and class warfare. was invented to control Kings and express the wishes of the people. Every so often the scales tip one way and one persuasion or other gets the upper hand. Very occasionally it tips so far one way that there can only ever be one outcome. Rebellion.

An apathy towards the masses anger and an ignorance of the consequences of division is allowing this to became a new modern day reality. Is it unconstrained and rampaging? Yes, pretty much. Give it time and the same steady course and it will become a tumult. For as is said and as is true, it really only ever comes down to one thing, consent. A consent less and less of us are subscribing to. Just as we all instinctively know that these people no more represent us than do the stakeholders of JP Morgan, their detachment becomes our detachment. Take for example the way politicians still claim expenses even after all the scandals. They are literally laughing in our faces. The Lords is full of freeloaders and sycophants who cling on to their EU perks like the poor cling to their children. Add that to the links our political leaders have to businesses that profit out of along with the sell off of our culture and history and you have an act of plunder on the grandest of scales. Red, Blue, Yellow, it doesn't matter, they all feed from the same trough. Socialism and Blairism still infests Labour. The Etonian's still own the land and the . While the Liberals have always betrayed any principles they supposedly had for a taste of power.

In the quest for justification we've ended up with an epidemic of blame aimed towards the very people who've fought and died for their piece of land for generations. The most privaleged of the elite will continue to denigrated the best and wisest of us with every ‘ist' in the book. They will continue to call decent people thought  criminals – it's their only play. They will continue relentlessly denigrating history and achievement as evil and bad. They can't and won't stop. They are the Zombies in every ‘outbreak' movie. These people are the talking heads who have all the right connections, but no connection to anything or anyone other than money and power.

Had enough yet? Well, all that could be about to change with David 's announcement of an EU referendum in June this year. We now have a chance to change things and shake the foundations of the globalist elite. The bank bailouts showed us it is an ‘us and them' society and that the elite will always be saved from ruination while the poor and working class are sacrificed. The elite will always come first, especially with a led Tory government. So what can we do? It's obvious. A simple vote for and that will probably lead to president Trump (the real deal) and Trump is our last-chance-saloon to save western civilisation and regain control of our countries. You only get one chance!

We know resistance is out there, we've all been seeing it and talking about it for a long time – At this point I have to graciously thank the idiot who's vanity and intellectual ineptitude have persuaded him to call an early EU Referendum in two months. I am convinced this is the single biggest mistake in the history of establishment control. An error of such magnitude and monumental proportions it will lead to , President Trump, the collapse of the EU gravy train and the reemergence of patriotic right wing – Now we have our chance, and Brits love a fighting chance. It's in our DNA.

The icing on the cake will of course be the loss of power and financial resources for the tyrannical EU (now watch how dirty these globalist bastards fight) there'll also be a thriving independent nation bang on their doorstep. Happy days.

What will and Trump lead to? My guess is the ruination of the dishonest mainstream news networks and traitorous politicians who sold their souls and countries to and cultural dystopia. They've had their time. It's gonna be carnage. They will be cast out into the political wilderness, but only after one hell of a fight. Dragged kicking and screaming.

Who knows!? Its gonna be a turbulent few years ahead for some, but there's one thing I instinctively believe… everything's about to change! will lead to Trump and Trump will change the world. No one and no group will be able to stop  him and his peoples . They'll try and they'll fail… and then they'll cry.

In conclusion: You have no idea of the fun filled ride ahead. Revel in your time.

“The net's gonna break, the earth's gonna shake
That's all it's gonna take to cure the world.”

Protective Fences



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