Finishing Line Protective Fences

Standing by the edge of the world

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“I don't think it's possible to have a sense of tragedy without having a sense of humour.”
Christopher Hitchens

“I'm throwing stones at your glass house. I call your name and watch you turn around.”

Who's really pulling the strings? How can so few own so much? What is the truth if the truth is not allowed? Why are some lives more important than others? How did we end up here? Who needs all this information?

“I'm walking wide awake across the Rubicon”


Down the rabbit hole.

“That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

“I don't know where I've been, I've woken up with you.
I don't know what it means, or what I'm gonna do.
I think I may have seen two worlds collide into…
Your inner most dreams, an absolute taboo.”

What is real and what is illusion? Are facts a fiction? Is everything beyond anyone's control? Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Can the future offer hope?

“What do you do when every thing you knew was wrong?”

Why is everything built on a lie? Can you trust anything you can't see? Do we really know how the world works?  Does every decision create a new reality? Is our universe a construct of our own imagination?

“Building monuments to love's shattered pride, while confirming it through satellites.”

Is science fact? Is superstition nonsense? Is mathematics a universal law? Is the soul the manifestation of wishful thinking? Does good conquer evil? Who explains to the idiot? Is there some way out of here?

“Like a narrator who has lost his lines, I come down from the big sky.”

Is whatever you want him or she to be? Does have ears? Will ever manifest? What does offer the loser? Why do so many of us seem to have forgotten ?

“There wasn't anything left to judge, not a single memory of a thing called love.”

Are we inevitably condemned to extinction? Are the Earths resources infinite? Is equilibrium actually a thing? Is there even a chance in hell that we'll make it to the stars? Has the end already began? Is that the fat lady singing?

“We're falling down… but we're not innocent.”

Can anything be changed? Is everything already written? Is sufferance a program? Is there actually a point to any of this? How can we change the world when we can't change ourselves? Should we even try?

“Each time it's falling towers.
Each time it's more insane.”

Are we an intermediary species paving the way for something better? Will we destroy everything? Is A.I. humanities future? How can technology respect life? Are we in a race against time? Is the one eyed man king yet?

“So are you just a machine?
Can you figure it out?
Are you just a machine?
Are you feeling it now?
Are you just a machine?
Are your systems corrupt?
Are you just a machine?
Hard wired to love.”

Are humans really capable of love? Is it only our desires we love? Can love be created? Is love a state of confusion? And what's love got to do with it?

“You should have listened to your head
Instead of thinking with your heart.”

Will history forever repeat? Will there be anything left to save? Who'll feed the ducks when we're gone?

“If you can't look forward then you can't look back
If there's nothing that you need then there's nothing that you had.”

These are just some of the concepts and inspirations that went into the writing, recording and production of Finishing Line  An album that asks questions but gives no answers. The road is discovered by the walker. The mood is set by the sound. We are the thief who fed the wolf.  We are the tramp dancing in the rain. Instructions not included.

See you at the Finish Line.


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