The Onset of Inevitability – World War III

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“I know not with what weapons will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Albert Einstein

With conflict happening on every continent on the planet, many see the possibility of a third world war with many potential flash points around the globe. Here I endeavor to make sense of the potential outcomes and possible scenarios.


A 3rd World War is coming… it's inevitable.

Who will it be with and where will it start?

The potential initial battle grounds are…

Lets look at the contenders…

  1.  is the current favourite with its diminutive and completely Mad dear leader doing something totally mental, like firing a missile at an American warship.
  2.  caught in the middle of an ideological conflict between totalitarianism and capitalism ends up losing the plot and starts a conflict over the islands in the south sea or Taiwan.
  3. An all out war against fundamentalist Islamic ideology.
  4. A war with a totalitarian dictatorship like  that has US nukes on its land.
  5.  – which is already ruled by a dangerous theocratic dictatorship – starting a war with a neighboring country like Saudi.
  6.  attacks .
  7. The last obvious potential shot at war is with the 's favourite bad guys, the Russians… but this is a  ruled by a highly intelligent, charismatic and communicative leader [] who rarely does anything stupid.
  8. Lastly, how about this one for a quantum leap… a war started in by  and German fascist expansionism that leads to the 4th Reich and a repeat of history.

Possible scenarios

  1. An ideological war begins with a major attack on or the US by terrorists or by themselves.
  2. Fighting breaks out after declares a new Turkish empire.
  3. An attack on by or Saudi in the quest for ethnic dominance.
  4. tries to attack US forces and has some success leading to an over proportional and overwhelming response from the US.
  5. attacks or vice versa over land disputes in the South sea or invades Taiwan.
  6. does something completely self destructive and attacks the West over Ukraine.
  7. The out of the box theory is, Germans and Austrians with their default setting of fascism impose governance over the European continent after a false flag event – a quite possible scenario actually.

Countries by Military Expenditure (2014)
Source:  Wikipedia/ The International Institute for Strategic Studies

[chart id=”1″]

Terror Storm

With many probable catalysts, conflict could start anywhere from to the Middle East. A single massive atrocity or multiple attacks by an ever expanding fundamentalist Islamic death cult on a civilian population that leads to a populist uprising or a plain old clash of civilisations.

At present it seems that religious freedom is the freedom to practice hate and the silencing of dissent whilst enjoying the protection of state institutions. That never ends well for the academics who at this time seem to be leading the vanguard. As in the dark ages, the protection of religion from derision and debate is derived from the fear of violence. Reason can only prevail when theocratic nonsense is opened up to rigorous debate and even ridicule. Fact. The fear of tackling what's written in the Quran, Hadith's and Sira has paralysed politicians everywhere – well all except one – so there will be no solution to the problem that's ripping our societies apart until something changes drastically. If there is a civil war, this will be the catalyst. The problem is, too many Muslims want to be just like Mohammed and he wasn't that nice a chap.

Another top contender for religiously motivated worldwide catastrophe, is an attack on that draws in all countries in the region and eventually the West. Or an attack on the Saudi city of Mecca or by or . You think that's preposterous? Don't bet on it!! see's himself as potential Emperor of the Middle-East and Arabia and has always had deep suspicion and probable hatred of the Saudi's.. and in his present fervor-ed state I wouldn't put it past him to press a few buttons.  Whatever happens, any attack on the Saudi's by / or vise versa would definitely kick things off. Maybe is as bad as many say and they do attack their arch enemies, the Saudis?  Who knows? There is a potential I suppose, but I doubt it very much. The one major difference with being, that whilst ostensibly pursuing its interests and influence aggressively in the region, has never actually started a war.

is the big imponderable in all this. If the cult of isn't curtailed soon, the downfall or destruction of is imminent. For see Robespierre, hopefully. Taking all things into account, it seems, the overwhelmingly obvious head on collision awaiting the world is the one between Islams barbaric ideological doctrine and human progress.

Kim Jog-on and N.K. Nukes

A North Korean missile attack is almost a given and probably will happen sooner rather than later. However this one plays out, the outcome will be tragic for the Korean people in the short, medium and long term. In the immediate term the North Korean dynastic regime must be stopped before they have the capability of nuking the world.

So by my reckoning that gives us about 2 years to sort this mess out. It's also far from certain whether it would be a limited conflict that's confined to the region. The minute Kim Jong-un readies a Nuke the first bombs will hit and will disintegrate into chaos and anarchy.

There's only one fearless Braggadocio who can bring Rocket Man to his knees and we all know who that is… The Donald.

How the Chinese let this play out will also be another crucial aspect in any outcome. Chinese cooperation or noncooperation over could also be a factor in 's relentless quest for world power.

World's Largest Arms Exporters (2012-2016)
Source:  Wikipedia

[chart id=”2″]

Those Damned Russians

The Russians hacked the world is one the most laughable and ludicrous main stream media hoaxes ever perpetrated on an ever diminishing band of gullible adherents. It's become the go to ‘safe space' for every Golgafrinchan and establishment owned main stream media journalist. There is only one country capable of hacking the world you mugs and we all know who that is… we also know they already do.

The NSA and the rest of the gang can hack anyone and anything on the planet. No one and nothing is safe from their ever expanding operation… but hey, the Russians hacked the election! It's a joke! No doubt it won't be long before Hillary is unhooked from life support [again] and babbling on about Trump's plots with Russians, Comey and Wikileaks. All whilst being smiled at intently by some sycophantic knob-jockey.

The reality of the Russian threat is of course very different. They don't subscribe to the globalist Bilderberg agenda. They've been a major factor in discrediting Neo-Liberalism and Globalism worldwide. They've even become the one safe sanctuary for whistleblowers. is a very patriotic European country with a great culture and a resoluteness to hardship. This is a bear that's best left sleeping.

Western leadership has been so woeful for at least thirty years that it/they has/have made look like the smart guy. I think by now the vast majority of us know that ‘ hacked the election' is at best a distraction by an ever fearful establishment and at worst, a lust for worldwide destruction. The smart move by Trump would be to invite into the alliance. Think of the Liberal meltdown it would cause..

The true positive to come out of all this of course is that in their desperation to deceive, the establishment have fatally exposed their main mechanism of control. The Fake News Main Stream Media. Personally I doubt that anyone in their right mind, or free from mind control, thinks that will start a conflict with the West. Eventually, and with a less intellectually cloned leadership, we will come to understand the benefits of Russian cooperation and friendship. I'm one of those who hopes Trump and DID collude before the election and I hope they did it in an effort to save the western world.

Domination of, or destruction of

Last up is the not so ludicrous proposition that German domination of – which is already very worrying. Haven't we been here before?  The Germans already dominate 's financial and banking institutions as well as being its largest manufacturer. Now they dominate the EU politically at the highest level with Germans and German stooges in almost every top job.

British leaders “already” know that Brexit negotiations depend solely on what and co are prepared to accept. 's leaders and nations are “already” waking up to the reality of German expansionism and political dominance. When you add to that the AfD's predictable surge in the upcoming German election, one can only guess at the chaos lying ahead for and the EU.  So before we disregard historical precedent altogether, I suggest Europeans make contingency plans for the predictable chaos and anarchy that awaits. However unlikely a 4th Reich may be.

At present is part of the biggest ever social experiment ever conducted on whole populations. It's bigger even than Nazism or Communism. It's called Cultural Marxism and as far as I can see, it's only going to end one way. While the free Ferry service from Libya to Italy/Africa to continues to carry record passenger numbers and NGO's continue to vigorously promote the routes, the numbers will increase and the divisions will grow wider and wider. never learns. Europeans always lose. desperately needs a visionary leader and the last time they had one of those was…

World's Largest Arms Importers (2012-2016)
Source:  Wikipedia

[chart id=”3″]


The three most likely threats are… A war with . really does have a capable nuke and uses it. Conflict breaks out on the continent of when societal chaos becomes a mass uprising.

The three most obvious questions are…

Will evolution win?

How comes wiping shit out is what humans are most successful at?

Maybe that's our ultimate purpose..?

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    I’m thinking maybe Obama lied to us. Not so sure about the religion of peace. Isn’t he an expert in these matters? I voted for the terrorist.

  2. Rosemary
    Rosemary says:

    It’s coming from So many angles. You know damn well, one of them is going to hit. We have escalated so far down the road to our own destruction, in so little time.

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