Michael Hastings – Death Of A Hero | Obituary

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Crashes of Convenience: |

Crashes of Convenience: |

They Fear The Lone Wolf

A Man of Courage

was one of the few journalists to live up to the title Investigative Journalist. A man who I personally admired greatly for his non adaption to the mainstream media's globalist tap dance. A man who went after the mighty and the powerful. A man who was investigating the director of The at the time of his death. A man who's demise happened during the early hours of the morning when the car he was driving suddenly exploded after hitting a tree at less than forty miles an hour, hurling its engine 50 yards up the road.

Listen to this fascinating insight by (one of favourite independent journalists and commentators) , into the man behind the stories. 42 minutes of explanations and information that will make many suspect he was eliminated by dark forces of the deep state who fear the truth and exposure. Especially from a mainstream journalist with a reputation for accuracy and digging deep. A man who spoke out loud and clear on a range of topics from, journalistic complicity in propaganda and fake news to state secrecy and the Middle East wars. A man who spoke without fear or favour to either side of the political spectrum or fear for his own personal safety.

“No price is too high to pay for the privilege
of owning yourself.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

To die at the age of 33 is tragic in any circumstances. It would be so much worse if Michael's death was the result of a nefarious to silence one man exposing the truth about a corrupt state power or institution. It is often the case when so many respected independent scribes are shouting “Something Smells” that nine times out of ten it does. When they then go on to prove that its possible to hack every aspect of a modern car, including all its main functions, steering, brakes, speed and even the ‘On/Off switch -and the have such tech- that smell becomes a stench. So, on that troublesome thought, I'd just like to say

“RIP Michael and may your legacy be to inspire more courage and less collusion in all the worlds journalists.”

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Thanks again to .
Transcript and sources: The Corbett Report

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