Square One | Protective Fences

Every time you look around somebody falls...

Heaven | Protective Fences

The simulation questions every state of mind.

Perfection Today | Protective Fences

Whatever I do tonight, whatever I do in life I know that there is one thing I’ll say, I met perfection today.

Goodbye Girl | Protective Fences

Come on all you creeps, Take a slice of me, tell me what you need, Coz everything is programmed.

Feel EP | Protective Fences vs DKM

Could it taste any better...

The Band Banned by Twitter

The people who run Twitler are the same creeps who loaded Jewish families onto trains.

Michael Hastings – Death Of A Hero | Obituary

Michael Hastings was one of the few journalists to live up to the title Investigative Journalist. A man who I personally admired for his non adaption to the mainstream media's globalist tap dance. A man who went after the mighty…