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Food Facts Everybody Should Know

26 Shocking Hacks – 5 Jan 2019 |

Apples are covered with wax that keeps them shiny and fresh for a long time. Always wash the wax off apples under lukewarm water.

Pour Fanta into a cup and put a white napkin inside and stir. Coloring will be transferred to the white napkin. Remember that soda is full of coloring and chemicals.

Few drops of iodine will define if the mayonnaise you bought is natural. The same experiment you can make with cottage cheese.

There is a simple way how to distinguish butter from margarine- pour hot water into a glass and place a piece of butter. As high-quality butter is made from cream or milk it will melt in water.
Have you ever thought how much sugar our favorite contains? We calculated the amount of sugar and ready to share with you:

Nutella – 18 sugar cubes
Pringles – 1,5 sugar cubes
Red bull -7 sugar cubes
Coca-cola – 10 sugar cubes

Remember that the World Health Organization recommends consuming no more than 30 g of sugar a day.

As a bonus, we share with you a couple of jaw-dropping recipes. Let's cook vegan caviar that could be a great decoration item for every dish! Firstly, pour water into the pan, add sriracha and agar-agar and mix these ingredients. After that fill a tall glass with vegetable oil and put into the fridge. Simmer agar-agar and sriracha for two minutes. Once the vegetable oil is cold, take a syringe and squeeze out spheres of the hot mixture into the cold oil. You will see bead shapes appearing that will sink to the bottom of the glass. To separate the oil from pearls wash them with some water.
Black ice-cream is super popular nowadays and it's so easy to cook it at home! Add heavy cream, sugar and activated charcoal to a large bowl. Beat mixture and add dry rice. And mix again. Enjoy!


00:16 Always wash apples
01:35 How to check if your honey is natural
04:06 Eat less sugar
05:57 Black ice-cream recipe
06:43 White strawberry
07:21 Vegan caviar recipe



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