9/11 Broadcast | Bill Cooper

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20 Years Ago Today. Full 8 hour broadcast from Bill Cooper on 9/11

Broadcast on the day of 9/11 Bill Cooper gives his immediate reaction to the cataclysmic events of the day. 11th September, 2001.

It’s worth noting that in this broadcast Bill Cooper showed what a fine man he was and how astute he was. He interpreted the events of that day instantaneously and correctly. The only live broadcaster to do so, to my knowledge. Bill explained how the towers were brought down in controlled demolitions and that jet fuel couldn’t melt steel beams, on the day !! He told his audience to follow the money back to the government. You’ll also notice how intolerant of meatheads and racists Bill was and how certain he was in his beliefs. A few of his call-in guests were also very knowledgable. So all in all one of the most memorable and enlightening shows to ever grace the airwaves and internet with the great savant.

No one could have imagined that less than two months later he would be shot dead/assassinated on his own door step by undercover cops.


Whatever is going to happen they are going to blame Osama Bin Laden

Bill Cooper


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