All Wars Are Bankers Wars | Michael Rivero

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Rich Harvest: The Bankers Wars

– 2016 |

An excellent chronology of the bankers wars throughout history, especially from an American perspective.

” is a documentary film directed by that explores the central banking connection behind America's wars. The film cites direct quotes from founders, presidents, and other world leaders regarding each of the major wars America was involved in, beginning with the American Revolution and culminating with a warning and solution to avoiding future wars. The film argues that bankers have played a significant role in causing wars throughout history by manipulating governments and economies for their own benefit.

Using the thought-provoking title, All Wars Are Bankers' Wars, shows how banking practices have led to catastrophic incidents throughout history. Written for casual as well as scholarly political observers and filled with animations, this 42-minute film is a thoughtful reminder of the consequences of a distorted economic rationale in an impoverished society.


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All Wars Are Bankers Wars Documentary by Michael Rivero



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