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Listen to “GVP #205 – James Delingpole: Leaving Normieland” on Spreaker.

GVP #205 – : Leaving Normieland |

talks to about his journey from being a mainstream journalist with some highly coveted positions, to becoming Persona Non Grata owing to his taking a stand for Truth and Right Action – qualities which, it seems, can hinder a career path within the Establishment system.

He now uses his skills and experience to broadcast empowering information, and has had many prominent names appear on his Delingpod as a result.

“Suddenly we’re being shown how it really is.”

James talks about his time spent studying at Malvern College and Oxford University, where he rubbed shoulders with Chris Whitty, David Cameron and Boris Johnson, and shares his impressions of all three.

Ultimately, he reflects on how rewarding the process of stepping outside of mainstream paradigms can be when the realisation dawns that you’re now on a rightful path doing the REAL work you came here to do.




Source: GVP #205 – James Delingpole: Leaving Normieland | Spreaker


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