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The Global Billion

Resurrection of Knowledge – 2 Jan 2024 |

Mass is the Agenda for . The so called “elites” say the excess should die and we've seen some evidence of how they're going to achieve this.

The golden billion need another billion to serve them and that's about it. Mark Windows provides a look at how the present system will fail and must give way to a new civilisation.

“The new word for an elite parasite puppet is ‘expert'.”

“The globalists, the parasites of , and the new system of , are in fact, the useless eaters to which Kissinger was actually referring.”

Mark Windows

The “golden billion” refers to the most wealthy part of the world population, primarily living in the most developed countries. This small, elite population consumes the majority of the world's resources. The well-being of this “golden billion” is achieved at the expense of the rest of the world.

The Golden Billion

The Golden Billion concept suggests that a select group of global elites, often numbering around 1 billion people, are working to amass wealth for the world's richest billionaires at the expense of the rest of humanity. The concept is based on the notion that the wealth of the West, including that of the lower classes, is largely built on the exploitation of former colonies in the third world.

  • Origins: The term “Golden Billion” was first coined by Anatoly Tsikunov in his 1990 book “The Plot of World Government: and the Golden Billion”.
  • Global Domination: The Golden Billion concept suggests that this elite group seeks to impose its own rules and dominate the world, leaving the rest of the planet to suffer and starve.
  • Population: The theory suggests that the world's population is headed towards a “Golden Billion” of elite individuals who will control the world's resources and wealth.
  • Geopolitical Implications: The Golden Billion theory has been used by Vladimir Putin to argue that is being unfairly treated by the West and that the country is rising from its knees.

Source: Resurrection of Knowledge | Spreaker


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