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Over the last two centuries, private (central) bankers have tried to control the world, says Michael Rivero, creator of the documentary All Wars Are Bankers' Wars.

A brief history

Private bankers have hugely influenced global wars and economies for over two centuries, says Rivero.

Starting with the American Revolution, he argues that conflicts like the War of 1812 and the Civil War were heavily influenced by banking interests.

Banker playing chess

The American Revolution, for example, is a response to the Currency Act imposed by King George III, forcing American colonists to use from the Bank of England.

Central banking and US history

In the United States, the establishment of the First Bank and then the Second Bank of the United States, followed by the War of 1812, are early examples of bankers up to no good.

Presidents like Andrew Jackson, who opposed these banks, faced serious pushback.

For example, consider the the Civil War era in which Abraham Lincoln's issued greenbacks (a government currency) to avoid high-interest loans from bankers. His assassination, along with those of James Garfield and William McKinley, is likely linked to their financial policies opposing the central bankers.

The , onwards

The creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 is a massive turning point.

It allowed for large-scale war financing, leading to World War 1.

Rivero further argues that Germany's economic strength and independent banking system posed a threat to Britain, leading to Germany being attacked. (Adolf Hitler, in fact, was rated Time Magazine‘s ‘Man of the Year' in 1938.)

Time Magazine, 1938

World War 2 was also driven by banking interests. As Rivero points out, Germany's issuance of a state currency was at odds with private bankers, and acted as a catalyst for conflict.

Post-war influence

After World War 2, the Bretton Woods agreement and the establishment of institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank became powerful extensions of central banking influence.

Modern democracies are now, pretty much, controlled by bankers and corporations, with political parties and governments acting as pawns on a chessboard.

Global public private partnerships
The global power structure (graphic by Iain Davis)

Climate change

Environmental campaigns and, more specifically, climate change, are part of this control mechanism.

It's for global boiling, dear

The climate change agenda, managed via media-driven perception and perpetual fear, has nothing to do with the (naturally) changing climate, and everything to do with extraction of wealth and mass control.

In other words, when viewing a war, think about those benefitting from it.

Watch 's All Wars are Bankers' Wars

Source: Michael Rivero on all wars being bankers' wars – Jerm Warfare


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