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Freedom Fighting Cartoonist

Legendary Fighting Cartoonist Warns You Don’t Want To Go Where They’re Taking You – 04 Jan 2023 |

was one of the UK’s most well known, multi-award-winning cartoonists at before being fired having stood up for truth and for the love of his family and humanity when he saw the through the lies of government in the name of a public health emergency that never was.

Since his dismissal, Bob has found a new and much wider international audience who celebrate both his courage to put his livelihood on the line for the truth as well as breaking free from the shackles of the establishment to produce inspirational and humanitarian artwork that have become synonymous with the fight against fascist .

“We’re under attack, we have been from the beginning and it’s one of the most devious wars ever waged because about 95% of the victims don’t know they’re under attack.”

Bob is without doubt an iconoclastic national treasure. Here he talks candidly about why he lost his job, how his family circumstances informed his actions first and foremost and the way he feels about the actions by governments around the world.

Footage taken from BOB: Brilliantly Difficult by Keith Craig 2022

Source: Legendary Freedom Fighting Cartoonist Bob Moran Warns You Don’t Want To Go Where They’re Taking You


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