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Not Just a Cartoonist

Interview with – 17 Dec 2021 | JACK'D

Magnificent one, Bob Moran, is a political cartoonist and illustrator. Bob speaks about the role of a political cartoonist, and the moral questions presented by the global response to .

The_Void has long been an admirer of 's work, but it's his courageous stance during the orchestrated Plandemic that has revealed him to be much more than ‘just a cartoonist'. He's become an inspiration to so many, and a thorn in the side of the corrupt media establishment with his visions of truth and reality.

“You can't have freedom without risk.”

“To exist in the world as a free human being, is to be at risk and to put others at risk all the time.”

Bob Moran
Never surrender.
The BBC – like an open sewer flowing through your home.
The four horseman of the apocalypse.

“I think we should remain hopeful and optimistic that we will win.”

Bob Moran
Don't let the demons in.

Thank you Bob for standing up and being counted during this pre-planned madness, regardless of the personal cost. We will not forget the valiant.


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