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Future Vision

The People Didn't See – 13 Jan 2023 |

Poem about the totalitarian future planned for us.

And still the people didn't see…

The first to arrive were the cameras
Installed to protect both you and me
In places where we weren't that threatened
And yet the people didn't see

What followed were traffic restrictions
To keep the roads quiet and clean
The maths didn't add up, or the science
But still the people didn't see

Next came the 15 minute neighbourhoods
Make our lives easier, decreed
To some, it seemed like restrictions
But still the people didn't see

Then came the
So convenient, easy and free!
Your life in one chip on a mainframe
And still the people didn't see

The cars they sold were electric
All wired to the government PC
They switched off the driving on Sundays
Yet still the people didn't see

The banks moved their to digital
The government banned cash the next week
The ability to fly was restricted
Yet still the people didn't see

They linked up your and profile
To the ID on the government PC
Connected it to social media
Yet still the people didn't see

Then came a new cure, a new virus
Safe and Effective, and free
They linked these j&bs to your profile
And connected the government PC

When the people were locked up in cities
Policed by their
Unable to visit their loved ones
Now finally the people can see

Restricted and tracked with no ,
To go further a permit you'll need
Contained in your digital city
Oh why did the people not see?!

These steps they sold us a progress
Never looked to be quite what they seemed
If you don't ask the questions and protest
Then your children will never know FREE.

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Still The people still didn't see.

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Source: the people didn't see


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