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The Bounty

and their governments want Iver Mectin dead! Dead at all costs. Because it's all about costs. is a cheap generic drug that works. Which means make fuck all from it. Just like HCQ. So what's does do? They bring out Pfizermectin at three grand a shot or some nonsense.

The Search

An appeals court ruled that a doctor couldn't prescribe his patient lifesaving .

Fortunately this story had a happy ending…

Grave Diggers

So, today a doctor can proscribe a patient a lifesaving drug and a court can stop that patient receiving said lifesaving drug unless another court over rules the previous court… What am I missing here? Surely this is just a simple common sense judgement of it's down to the patient stupid and that's their human rights. It should also be taken into consideration that this was obviously one of the few doctors still actually willing to see their patients in person.

CNN: Joe Rogan injects horse dewormer !!

The Fake Science

The Twist

has not only saved far-right Joe Rogan, it has now saved the equally hated Dana White after he took far-right Rogan's advice. American Lefties are beside themselves. Now imagine if is the cure for the deadly vax as well! It would go some way towards explaining The Cabal and their minions hatred of it. Personally I think the best cure for Covid is to turn off the TV.

The Reward

Another great conspiracy fact is that doctors in Australia can only proscribe double vaccinated patients . It can't kill you so what's the big danger? Money, control and narrative. Simple as that.

They did the same with the drug that saved the president. Remember how that was so absolutely dangerous it could kill you? Despite the fact that it has been in human use for decades. The couple that drank fish tank cleaner coz they heard it at a Trump rally is still one of my favourite bullshit stories ever. Then there was the one about the president recommending injecting bleach… i do miss those days.

One of the people to go against the narrative was Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev' Zelenko

Here he is being interviewed by the excellent about Covid cures…

“I hope the perpetrators are hung after a trial at the Hague”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

The Shootout

The only way to get now it seems, is by pretending it's for your horse or via the internet. Which opens a whole new can of worms, with fake drugs and no guarantees that what your taking is what you intended to purchase. For ethical purposes alone the currant ban on proscriptions is as wilfully harmful as it is planned.


Doctor Fired For Trying To Treat COVID Patients With Ivermectin | Stew Peter Show


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