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Harry And Me-ghan Do Cringe TV Better Than Ricky Gervais. It was like watching The Jeremy Kyle Show but with royals. 

“A senior royal called into question the baby’s skin tone…”

thus began the snake news medias, ‘Operation Hunt Down The Royal Racist’. Unleashing our moral arbiters and their lynch mob mentality as never before. They’ve been waiting and plotting in the wings ever since George Floyd died in the US, as opportunists often do. Seeking to create a narrative of white colonialist slave traders who hate people based purely on their skin colour is how the media and marxist left intend to bring down every institution of the western world until there is nothing left but the dust of mankind’s greatest achievement so far.

The carnage of humiliation

Some of the questions asked by the royal household?

“Will it be ginger?”

“Can it Rap yet?”

“What are its pronouns?”

To the destructive left this pair are no more than useful idiots in the cause of their marxist revolution. It doesn’t require any foresight to see this was never going to end well for any of those concerned as the backlash against the hapless, publicity obsessed, cringe couple has already been reduced to a public slanging match between The House of Windsor, a terrified subservient media, and the Sussex wokeists. Anyone who fails to vigorously defend every lie uttered by the cuckoo who infiltrated the royal nest is obviously a vicious bigoted racist and should therefore lose their jobs, place in society and liberty, aka Piers Moron. Nothing has really changed since Henry VIII it seems. Don’t be surprised if they call for Becket’s head on a silver platter. Nothing else will suffice.

A feet of endurance

For the sake of this article, I endured around 73 minutes 23 seconds of this thing that was akin to an induced diarrhetic. A completely one-sided rant against everything British and its people. A people, the majority of which no longer wish to be associated with or fund these two ex-royal parasites.

I spent most of the time cringing and wincing as two of the most over privileged brats ever to walk this earth churned on about how hard done by they are, and how respectable decent English folk don’t seem to want to know them or like them. I only hung on for that long in the hope there would be a ‘Win Dinner with ’ competition at the end of these inane ramblings. Who wouldn’t enjoy an opportunity to tell this vomit inducing couple what an embarrassing pair of twats they really are.

More costly than the Coronavirus

“We’ve had to sack 53 maids and 27 personal dogs bodies because they have cut off our finances”

opined the would-be-actress.

“What would we do without our highly trained specialist protection squad securing us 24/7 at the expense of the British taxpayer?”

They continued to manifest their pathetically shallow personal feelings towards their own families even though they have been given everything – including a bloody county!

“We are the most wonderful people, everyone should love us”

said a doleful Meghan, while smiled along in obedient accordance. It was less of a chat show and more of a carefully set up attack on Britain, its people, and The Royal Family.

A Trumpless America is welcome to these obnoxious hypocrites and we’ll even bung in Sweaty Andy for good measure as well!

Don’t they know The Lizards eat their young?

When Harry was eventually given permission to speak by Meghan, the rapidly balding red top could only blurt out,

“Daddy has been a right bastard to me”

whining on about how

“he won’t even take my calls”

Maybe the dopey one should try calling – if you know what I mean?!

Mosquito Repellant

So will Great Britain ever be rid of these vanity bandits? I doubt it. As the dosh runs low there will be ‘TV specials, Netflix specials, Podcasts, Ads, sponsored charity specials that will only improve the finances of a greedy pair of bloodsucking gastropods. How long before Meghan gets her kit off for Playboy? Or Harry betrays his country to China for a few bucks? Put nothing past this avaricious pair.

Inescapable Conclusion

So according to Harry the Halfwit, Britain is a racist bigoted country with an even more racist and bigoted press (probably). A press who fawned over this couple for years until it became obvious they were hell bent on the destruction of the institution that had hither to provided them with a fairytale life, all financed by the bigoted and racist public purse. Okay. It’s many peoples prediction that the pretentious prince will be reduced to little more than Meghan’s water carrier and that he’ll eventually end up drowning in self pity as his life turns to shite, but hey…

So what’s next for Fred and Ginger?

Bread and circuses.



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