How I Avoided 10 Day ‘Mandatory’ Quarantine | Harry Thomas

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Here is a summary plus the videos of Harry Thomas’ interaction with immigration and police to show how he avoided the 10 day quarantine on his return from a red listed country.

How I Avoided 10 Day Mandatory Quarantine | Harry Thomas

After great feedback and lots of requests for more information on common law, Harry has made this followup video with a step-by-step guide of his journey back from Brazil. Watch Harry’s original video here.

Harry’s Truth

People had asked for a breakdown of what to say, so here is what I did. As always, please take the time to look into common law yourself. Now is the perfect time to empower yourself. Do not just rely on what I say, it’s about finding your own truth.

I spent 5 hours in a cell returning back but I knew my rights and I knew that the police arrested me unlawfully.

Harry’s Journey

  • I made sure that I did not agree to any quarantine on the passenger locator form. I selected except from the covid package.
  • I was confident in how I was going to approach this a few days before.
  • Remember, be calm and be kind. Lose the smart ass, this is your rights, let them be that guy.
  • As I approached the desk I Kindly informed them I had not booked a hotel and would not be doing quarantine.
  • Only for the supervisor to instruct me I had to go to the hotel. He then got angry and slapped a £5000 because I refused.  
  • I kept asking what law was I breaking? (Best question to ask) and he continued to keep saying the Covid regulations, which I reminded him was an act and I had never agreed to. I then asked for them to get the police as they wouldn’t let me in.
  • The immigration officer who was on the desk continued to fill this form in which I refused to sign.
  • I phoned my friend at and she just re-confirmed what I needed to say when the police came.
  • Record it if you can.
  • Remember this is all you need to say.
  • Stop them talking and ask for their warrant and full names.
  • Ask 3 times for their warrant and names.
  • When they refuse like they did, tell them that they are failing to comply with the Police Act 1996 for refusing to identify themselves as officers. Remind them that this is a 6 month prison sentence.
  • Next ask them if they are under oath?
  • They have to but reluctantly say yes.
  • Then read out a part of the Criminal Justice Act 2015. Section 26 Subsection 3: “A constable is committing an offence if he or she exercises their powers and privileges improperly and if they know they are acting improperly.” This is a 14 year prison sentence.
  • At this point they dismissed what I said, but this is literally all you need to say. You are good at this point. Stay calm.

They either now have to let you go or unlawfully arrest you. I had already said to myself I would spend 24 hours in the cell as I know I hadn’t broken any laws and they would have to let me go without charge.

You will also be able to compensate your time inside and claim back against the officer who breached his oath.

They will do all they can to get you to agree to hotel, but all you have to do now is have faith and stick it out.


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